Not lots of peaple have the same routine daily throughout the week. Every single lifestyles is different that the others, also shower routines can vary greatly from one person to other. As a result of that, it is very essential to modify your shower routine acording to your personel need and the day of the week.

For sure there is a huge different between a rushed shower befor going to the work and a pretty long shower in the weekend or at the end of the day. Each of them serve different purposes and you ou have to approach them in a totally different way too.

Planing is your solution. If, for example, you only wash your hair twice a week, try to choose these days based on your lifestyle and plans for those days. If you’re anticipating a lazy Wednesday evening, plan to shower and wash your hair then! If you have to be at work extra early on Friday, plan for a short, basic shower that morning.
Preparing for these situations in advance and using products that suit your plans will help to make showering an enjoyable and positive part of your day.